Monday, June 3, 2013

South Cole

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for the first time in a long time.  It was also the most miles I have logged at one time since I can't remember when, EIGHT!  Crazy, because I used to pound out 8 a day 5 days a week when I didn't know how wonderful being outside was.  That was probably a product of being overweight and not being comfortable with how I looked in public.

Someone posted this article entitled 10 Commandments of Sincerely Unapologetic Runners on the Boise Trail Runners page over the weekend and I got to thinking about #6?  I have wanted to go without a shirt many times but even after 4 years of weight loss maintenance I still haven't found my comfort zone.  Well, I have decided, as pointed out in the article, if it offends someone that is their problemo!

I can't honestly tell you how many inches I lost around the middle but it's somewhere in the range of 20.  The fact that I only have as much saggy skin as I do is actually quite amazing.  So when I ran outside over the weekend I shed the shirt and was comfortable in my own skin.  My kids like to tell me I have a 2 pack with a sag pack, or a flab pack, or a number of other encouraging uplifting names.  But for me it is constant reminder of where I was.

As I was running down Cole Road into the wind at around a 7 minute mile I passed another runner.  It reminded me of running the same stretch of road back in 2009 and regularly getting passed by a 60 year old woman.  The first few times I saw here I thought how cool it was that she was still getting out and running.  Until I realized she was faster than me!  Then I made it one of my mini-goals to someday be faster than her.  It would be fun to see her again and tell her thank you for motivating me when I was still at the, 'this sucks why do people do this' stage of running.  I think every runner was at the stage at some point and I was no exception.


  1. Props on going shirtless. You've definitely earned it.

    And serious props for enduring that long on a dreadmill!

    1. It feels more practical from a performance standpoint. It helps you shed body heat and keep you cooler...unless you are a ginger with mayo white skin that torches in the heat! Not sure wearing a hydration pack would work either. I wore a tank top at my marathon a few weeks ago and noticed it helped clear the heat...I will be experimenting. Congrats on your run at Bryce! I haven't gotten the first hand accounts from the Boise guys but it sounded awesome!


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