Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Silver City Race Report

Heading up Hayden Peak at Mile 25 - Photo Dondi Black
As my modus operandi dictates, the following will be a better late than never recap of the 2013 edition of the Silver City 100k.

....(conversation with Vince Romney at the Jordan Creek aid station at mile 47-ish)
Me: Vince, why do we do this to ourselves?
Vince: I don't know?
Me: Is it because we are dumb or we just didn't learn our lesson the last time?
Vince: Hey Ryan, are you running Speedgoat this year?
Me: Ya, it's gonna be awesome!  I can't wait.

Apparently I am dumb AND didn't learn my lesson at Speedgoat last year!  11,000+ feet of elevation gain in half the distance of this race.  Anyway, I finished Silver City in 14:37:48 in 11th place.  I was right on track for my goal time through about 35 miles and then ended up dying in the afternoon sun.  I am convinced that I just need to train in the heat more.

The great part is after dying at the end I still cut more than 2 hours off my time from last year so at least I improved!  I ran with Jayk Reynolds to about 32 miles and then he continued on to the finish really strong.  Tony and Jeff caught me just after Delamar and Paul Lind buzzed by me before Slacks the last time.  In my sorry state I vowed not to give up like I did last year.  So although I wasn't moving like I wanted to I kept plugging away trying to get what I could out of myself.

After I finished I caught a ride back up to the singletrack trail and headed back for Michelle who was doing the 50k.  I knew she was close but really had no idea how far I would be going.  Luckily I found her in less than a mile and was able to bring her in for a good finish too!

Happy Trails

Long Gulch aid station - Photo Dondi Black

Delamar - singing Evanesence - Photo Wayne Ebenroth

Jordan Creek - Photo Tom Peavey

Delamar with Kristine - Photo Wayne Ebenroth

Finish line heel click ala - Derek style - Photo Allen Sandquist

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