Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Check In

Staying focused, eating right, and getting the exercise in this week.  Down a bit more to 172.

Great early run with Derek, Christie, and Rachel. Christie and Rachel started early to give Derek and I some motivation to run the whole uphill which seemed to work! We did take a few walk breaks to keep the effort in the 'I think I am going to die' zone without spilling over into the 'I am pretty sure I am going to die' zone!

11:17 pace up the hill and 6:41 pace down the hill. 1,632 feet of gain and drop. Avg HR 159 Max 178. This was as close to a marathon tempo run as I have done in a super long time and it felt good. Glad to see Derek was feeling 100% since he ran 100 miles last Saturday too.

On the downhill, I realized that if I could find a race that was run completely in the dark I would do amazing. If I can't see the rocks and potholes they don't exist and I run super fast. So if anyone knows of a 50 miler that starts at like 9pm let me know!

The rain started with a couple of miles to go too and that was an awesome end to a wonderful morning. We all stood in the parking lot chatting getting rained on without a care in the world. Make it a great day everyone!

Ooh and I PR'd this loop by like 13 minutes :D

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