Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wilson Creek Frozen 50k

Me and my crazy socks at the starting line in 2012

The Wilson Creek Frozen 50k is on Saturday.  No expectations other than being smart when it comes to effort, fueling, and hydration.  If I can get those three things together the rest will take care of itself.

Starting time temperature is expected to be 7 or 8 degrees.  Last Saturday Derek and I did the 20 mile loop and once the sun hit us it didn't seem 'that bad', although it was probably a balmy 12 degrees that included a wind chill by then!  There was a lot of loose snow but reports are that it has been packed down with recent foot and ATV traffic.

Good times will be had by all!


  1. Awesome, look forward to hearing the results.

    How do you handle running on the snow?

    1. I have gaiters that go around my ankles and then clip to the heel and toe of my shoe to keep the snow out. Other than that just regular running shoes. The cold is just motivation to move faster :D


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