Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving on...

At the end of every race I always hear at least one person say, “This is the last time I ever do this to myself!”  Before the soreness has even faded most people who say that are signing up for something bigger and better because they just love punishing themselves that much.

I was that guy at the Pocatello 50 miler in 2011 which was my first ultra.  After boohoo-ing during the last miles and a bit at the finish I was ready to try again.  I wondered out loud why anyone would EVER run 100 miles ON PURPOSE given how I felt at that moment.  The thought of going out for a ‘second lap’ made my head spin.  That was May 28th.  On July 7th after two more 50 mile training runs I signed up for Bear 100 in September.

It taught me to move on very quickly regardless of how the previous experience was.  So in keeping with the tradition of putting the past in the past, today was the first official day of preparation for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 miler.  I have been training toward that goal lately but I was doing a bit more hills to be ready for Wilson Creek.  The elevation gain at the Buffalo Run is not that much more than Wilson..with 70 extra miles!  Last year I trained out on the Oregon Trail and the lower foothills trails to get prepared for Salt Flats and I imagine I will be doing a lot of the same things to prepare for this one.  

Derek and I saw 3 people this morning.  Ryan Lund, who was the men's winner at Wilson Creek, was out putting in the work toward his next big goal with 2 buddies!  Happy Trails


  1. I was looking at entrants for Buffalo 100 last night and saw your name there. I'm leaning toward bumping up from the 50 to the 100. Hope to see you there!

    1. Cool it would be nice to meet you. There is quite group of us coming from Idaho!


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