Thursday, January 31, 2013

Progress Day 7

I told Michelle I would support her in the weight loss competition with Nampa Fit Studio this year.  I exercise like a beast which leads me to believe I must be eating terribly.  SO, I have been logging my calories so that I am not a terrible example.  I have been learning a lot about what I am doing right and wrong.  The short story...I weighed 190.2 last Thursday and today I weigh 183.6 (which included the weekend in McCall at the Winter Carnival).  Some of it's water, some of it's less bulk in my gut from eating less, but I have been calorie deficit every day so some of it is real!  My trick is to duplicate it next week.

I was flipping back through my blog and found several occasions where I have gotten on a kick, changed my ways, then went back to poor eating.  My only saving grace is that I run a zillion miles.

In fact, when I used the generic calculator for base metabolic rate, plus normal daily activity for a sedentary desk jockey, less calories burned from exercise it said I should roughly eat 3,300 calories a day to MAINTAIN.  I have been roughly at the same weight for over 2 years.  

Guess I just need to be more conscious of what I put in my mouth and has helped my awareness.  Michelle is doing well also and getting excited about seeing some progress.

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