Sunday, January 8, 2012

Modified Leon Fat A$$ almost 50k

I wasn't going to be able to run the whole 50k if I started with everyone else at 7:15 so I left my house at 4:20 and ran 12 miles to the start of the 50k. Had a good time running with friends and enjoying some sunshine. When my alarm went off I seriously considered going back to bed and then just driving to the start and only doing half.  I pushed myself out of bed and decided to get going however.  After getting my stuff together and eating I opened the front door to find out it was SNOWING!  Now I was REALLY thinking the drive to the start was the better option.  But, I didn't give myself much time to talk myself into it and headed out anyway.  
The snow was blowing in from the side so I had to pull my hat down and dip my head so the flakes wouldn't hit my eyeballs!  The snow quickly broke and then it was just cold without the snow.  We live near the airport and they like to break up the clouds with chemical seeding so it wasn't naturally occurring snow anyway.  Oh well.  
I jaywalked about 30 times on the way down there and one of them was where Vista Avenue crosses the freeway.  Normally this is a busy intersection but at 5am on a Saturday it was a ghost town.  EXCEPT for the cop who was sitting at the gas station on the other side.  I saw him and thought there is no way.  Just after I passed the gas station I hear an engine rev up and the chirp of a police siren.  Are you kidding me?  A jaywalking ticket at this time of day?  I looked over my shoulder and he was heading the other direction but it was kind of funny.
I got down to the start with Dennis and met maybe 15 people in the Fort Boise parking lot and headed out.  We met up with another group that started from a different spot and were on our way. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time!
Glad I got my rear end out of bed today!
My muffin top got a little chafed though, I need to do something about that.
This was a bit more than half of us I think
Trail 5 looking back at town

Otto and Christie
Me and Emily
Me demonstrating improper aid station technique

Me and Michelle

Wayne and Jenny with the AID STATION!!



  1. Awesome pictures! I'm not sure I could have gotten myself out of the house if I saw snow.

    I started laughing as I thought about you almost getting a jaywalking ticket.

  2. Ya it would have almost been funny! The other thing was. I was supposed to meet at a friends house at 6:10 so if I got hung up with the cop I would have had to bust out my marathon pace for the last 3 miles!!


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