Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Daily Mile Annual Summary

This came in my email from Daily Mile showing my yearly totals by month.  It includes all exercise measured in distance so 99% is running and walking.  I thought it would be interesting to memorialize here.

I looked back and found the summary report for 2010 year just out if curiosity.  I joined Daily Mile half way through May and then added my 2010 totals for previous months in June for some reason (which skewed the weekly average. It should be roughly 41 not 63).  So the real numbers are...


Again, it is about 99% running and walking. Not to say I didn't do lots of cross training in both years but it wasn't measured in distance.....


  1. Well done!!! I love that Daily Mile sends out this little tidbit of all of our workouts wrapped up into one nice tidy little sheet! :) I started Daily Mile in February of 2010. I thought you and I had met online there before you did Robie. I guess it was right after instead.

  2. That sounds right. It would be nice if they somehow could account for non-distance activities too because I had a lot of XT.

    I think I am going to try the RFP 100 mile plan on 70 per week that you initially wrote up. The main difference seemed to be the weekends. I found that the biggest help for me was the super long ones so I want to just combine Saturday and Sunday mileage and take Sunday off. Basically, get up and leave like I did for Leons.... http://bit.ly/zC3rtx Check out the response from Karl King (developer of S-caps) #1 and #3. Then do a search on 'endocrine' and see what other people's take is. One side note, Tom Noll on this list...is the guy at Idaho Power I have been telling you about, check him out on Ultrasignup)

  3. That sounds good. It turns out I fit in somewhere in between the 50 and 70 plans if I want to be totally on track with the numbers they are asking for. And, I think it makes more sense, honestly to just a really epic long one vs two medium back-to-backs. That's something I've always felt made more sense.


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