Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leons January 30th, 2010 50K

We are leaving tomorrow for the Bear 100 in Logan, UT.  I am excited to get to the starting line and look forward to what will surely be a wild ride! 

The first time I attempted a trail run of more that a few miles was Leon's Fat Ass 50k on January 30th, 2010.  For those not familiar with what a Fat Ass run is, the following paragraph was taken from Leon's flyer he sent around....

"The event is an informal event without entry fees, awards, official finishing times, aid stations, or wimps.  The route may be changed from time to time.  Our purpose is to get together for a nice run, rather than to have a formal race.  Our distance is not exact, but the start/finish line was changed this year to get pretty close to a 50K. Directions are not exact.  Starting time is not exact.  I usually get the date right, though. (Which ironically was incorrect - January 30th 2009 instead of 2010) This year's route is an out and back starting at the junction of end of the pavement on Shaw Mountain Road.  We will make our way to Bogus Basin Road almost entirely on trails, and then turn around and go back.  If you need a map, bring your own; none will be provided. Highest elevation is around 4,000 feet.  There might be snow on the ground, possibly knee deep in places.  There might also be muddy patches.  Deal with it.  See you there."

Anyway, I had trained up to the point that I ran my first unofficial marathon on the greenbelt in December of 2009 and thought I could handle a few more miles.  Boy was I wrong!  Trail running uses different parts of your legs and I was not ready at all.  I made it 21 miles before I could barely walk.  That was from the start to Bogus and back to 8th Street.  It was the first and last time I failed to complete an organized run I started, but I learned a lot and am glad I came back for more.

This was the first time I met many of the trail runners I know and run with today. 

I ran with Robbie Woog for much of the first leg leading up to 8th Street.  We eventually caught up with Jon Kinzer and I thought Dennis Ahern.  I remember trying to run the stretch from Hulls up the 8th Street parking lot and Dennis (although I can't confirm this because there weren't any pictures of Dennis, but this sounds like the kind of wise advice he would give ☺) telling me to take it easy because it was going to be a long day!  Should have taken his advice. 

Other new friends I met that day were Sam Collier, Emily Berriochoa, Davina Jackson, Tina Upton, Mike Upton, Ben Blessing, Christie Ebenroth, Bertha Sandoval, Seth Myer, Paul Lindauer, and of course Leon Rothstein.

These photos were stolen from Ben, Davina, Emily, and Christie...I think.  Thanks for taking them!!

Sam, Emily, and Davina

Jon and Paul

Me coming into Corrals



Robbie and Seth

Ben, Christie, and Bertha


Mike, Sam, and Tina

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