Thursday, September 15, 2011

Final Body Fat Measurements before the Bear

A2O Loop 2.48 mi 00:33 13:27 pace

I wanted to stretch the legs before my appointment with the trainer today without running. Which for me is really hard, but I have to be smart at this point. So, I did two loops around Americana-Shoreline-Fairview-23rd-Americana. I negative split my walk by almost a minute, Yay. I guess. HA. 13:27 is a smokin fast pace for me walking!

I left a voice mail with the trainer yesterday saying I just wanted to do stretching and measurements. Apparently he didn't get it so we did core and shoulders. I am glad he didn't get it, I feel good!

Anyway, he has been doing measurements and body fat tests on me since I first started training for Boston. Back in January I was 14%, at Boston I was 7%, the first week of August I was 6%, and today I was 4.65% (and my weight has only changed a couple of pounds since January)!! I am apparently swapping fat for muscle, which is good.

I put on 2 inches on my gluteus maximus since August 4th. I guess all the hill running is putting some junk in my trunk!

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