Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Bear 100 Pacing Strategy

Randy Thorn is going to come to the Bear 100 ( as my pacer throught the night, or into the finish, or whenever I need him.  I gave him permission to use all means necessary to make sure I made it to the finish line....and this is what he came up with!  I like it, just what I need.  I have no idea how I will feel at the end which is why it will be nice to have someone there the keep me moving, eating, and hydrating.

The course has about 22,000 feet of elevation gain and drop, as if just going the distance wasn't hard enough!!

Randy told me this looked really crazy when he first looked at it.  I told him it's all in your perspective.  So, I made the following map and sent it to him for a second opinion.... (In case it's hard to read the scale goes from 4,800 feet elevation to 9,000 feet elevation)

OK, this seems more managable..........

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