Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Roaring Lake to Hideaway Lake - PART ONE

I got up and was planning to run a loop on the Rainbow Trail near Trinity Lake. I Started at 3:40 and ran nearly the whole thing in the dark. I have been there many times so I wasn't terribly concerned about the rocky rooty trail. I was a bit concerned about the backside of the loop since I hadn't been on that part before.

Even though it was dark I remembered many place along the trail where I have stopped and taken pictures with my kids over the years. It was a real shame to run the whole thing in the dark because it is such a beautiful place. When I got to Hideaway Lake the trail just disappeared. It is so rocky that the trail is impossible to see in places and there was no moon. I wandered around in circles for about 12 minutes until I found it again and decided to go back the way I came and not risk getting lost, or worse fall down the 500 foot rock wall at the back of the basin!

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and there were zillions of stars. When I got to the first pass I was greeted by my favorite constellation, O'Ryan. That is how I spell it anyway! I finally got to turn my headlamp off at about 6:30 (mile 9) and was back in camp by 7:00 to start a fire and make breakfast!

Good times

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