Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Roaring Lake to Hideaway Lake - PART TWO

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We went camping camping to Trinity the last week of August 2009 and I was training for another reason.  I was still in the process of losing my weight and on that particular week I was giving it everything I had to reach 100 pounds lost.  The week prior weighed in a 212.4 and 95.6 pounds lost.  I was certain I could lose 4.4 pounds if I ate right and exercised.  As it turned out I lost 4.2 that week which brought me to 99.8.

Fast forward to 2011.  I ran the exact same stretch of road and trail this year with a similar purpose, trying to get to 100.  This year it wasn't 100 pounds but 100 miles as I prepare for the BEAR.  What a difference 2 years makes.  Back in 2009 I didn't quite reach my goal when I got to 99.8 pounds.  Hopefully I can have EXACTLY the same results.

The Bear 100 is actually 99.7 miles.....

I don't think I have ever posted this but this is the 1 year goal chart I kept from the beginning (March 18th, 2009) to when I met my goal of 135 pounds lost (February 24th, 2010).  In the time between starting and reaching my goal I had 3 weeks when I gained.  The first was the week I had umbilical hernia surgery, the second was the week I ran my marathon in December, and the third was the week I attempted my first 50k!  One surgery and two carbo load weeks, not bad!


  1. This exact kind of post is what I love most about your blog!!!!! Inspiring, hopeful and despite having reached your 100 lbs goal back then (and going on to lose even more), you keep on setting the bar high in your life and striving for your big dreams. :) I love that your bring the rest of us along for the ride. It's a pleasure!!!! I can't wait to see the smile of satisfaction on your face when you get back with that 100 mile race crossed off your list! Please let me see the buckle! :) I promise not to steal it!!!

  2. Hopefully someone finds some inspiration from this. For me it helps me work on the...tell everyone who will listen....part of my plan. It truly is what keeps me going when I would much rather give up. Thinking about giving up lasts only a second, hopefull that will come in handy next week! ☺

  3. Not sure if you know how to check the reader stats on your site or not. Wayne checks mine for me. There are times it feels like maybe I'm just writing as therapy and no one is reading (which would be fine), but when he tells me exactly how many different readers have checked out my site it just touches my heart to know that weather they comment or not -- they are coming back and reading what I have to share.

    There's so many people still in the shoes we used to be in. They need our honesty, they need us to be courageous and keep fighting when things don't go right. In some small way, I think we give others hope. That's a pretty cool thing.

  4. I post a lot of pictures I grab on Google and when others look for similar photos mine pop up in google now so I have lots of hits that way. Most of them are in the popular posts then people stick around and read a few. A woman who posts inspirational weight loss stories found me and put up a link to my video which gets lots of view too.

    I don't care too much about the stats though. The real satisfaction comes from the last two paragraphs of this one


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