Friday, June 17, 2011

What motivates you to move?

Tomorrow I am going to do the Shafer Butte Endurance Run here in Boise.  It is a 'fun run' that is really nothing more that a bunch of trail runners agreeing to start at the same time and head in the same direction!  No fee, no t-shirt, no awards, and no WHINING!! 

It takes a special kind of crazy to do something like this and call it a 'fun run'.  But it does remind me that when you are embarking on a weight loss plan, find something you love to do!  Most people hate to exercise and I can hardly blame them. 

Treadmill = Dreadmill 
Elliptical = Boring

Go hiking, go running, go walking, play tennis, garden, play basketball, play with your kids, go swimming, go bike riding, sign up for Zumba, yoga, P90x. 

I was at The Pulse the other day picking up a t-shirt and printed on the back was this simple saying, 'What motivates you to move?' Well whatever it is that motivates you to move, DO IT, and then KEEP doing it!

I lost 100 pounds in 5 months by riding my bike 20 miles on Saturday and Sunday and swimming for an hour Monday through Friday.  In addition to that I walked with Michelle almost 3 miles each night. 

I found running after 5 months and started running exclusively in the mornings.  Michelle and I continued our evening walks which helped me lose the last 35.

After 11 months I met my goal weight and since then I do what is fun and makes me happy.  This week it was circuit class, run, yoga, and stretching....and tomorrow it will be running 50 miles.........☺


  1. I so agree with you, the reason why so many people don't stick with their plan to get in shape is that they hate every minute of it. It pays to do what you love, as your results show; well done!

    (btw I love the "dreadmill" thing!)



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