Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pocatello 50 Miler Race Report

Pocatello 50, which turned out to be 55.06 miles
16 hours 1 minute - 17:26/mile pace - 6,299 calories burned

Great time on the trails this weekend. It was a very trying day with all the snow, mud, and fighting a cold still. I was smart enough to get behind Lynette who has done many ultras. I told her I wanted to follow someone who was a) smarter than me and b) more experienced than me. I tailgated her for 23 miles or so before I fell behind. She smoked me at the aid stations.

I learned that my camelbak is horrible for ultras and I need a Nathan. Mine was a huge pain at the aid stations, oh well. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm enough to be warm when you were moving but not too hot. I did get snowed on for a while when I was in shorts and a t-shirt. The RDs cautioned everyone that if you didn't have all the right gear they would pull you and I left my warmer stuff at the aid station before I started to get snowed on. I made it through the snow and got back down where it was warmer and I was ok.

I ran with my friend Davina for the last 15 miles or so. She was finishing up her 50k (which was really 58k) on the same route I was finishing mine on so we decided to finish up together. It was really nice to have someone to talk to after a long time of not seeing anyone.

My wife and Emily met us at mile 54 and Michelle said and I quote "I am so proud of you, AND I locked the doors to the car so don't think about getting in. Run it in!" After going this far there was no way I was not going to run it in. Davina and I were smart enough to let Michelle take out packs while Emily ran the last mile with us. Emily had finished her 58k several hours before and was worn out herself.

We finished about 10pm and it was wonderful feeling. It was a feeling of I CAN DO ANYTHING! Which I highly recommend. I was glad to be able to share this with friends and super proud of my wife Michelle who did the 21 mile 3rd leg and finished before us.

I couldn't sleep once we got back to the hotel. I think I fell asleep at 1am but my body was pounding and I couldn't sit still. So, after 3 restless hours I talked Michelle into going to Denny's when I got up for good at 4am, then went to Walmart, then watched TV to kill more time then eventually picked up our friend Chele who went with us (Chele kicked butt on her 58k too) and headed home.

On the way home while we were belly aching about all the pain.......I was already planning the next one!.

The pictures are a bit out of order, enjoy.

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