Friday, September 17, 2010

Trinity Lakes Trailhead

I kept this blue shirt for a whole year so I could take this picture at the end of the trailhead in Trinity Lakes. After we left the trailhead I put it in the garbage and left that part of me behind. It felt good. The best part of the 2010 trip was the fact that Michelle came with us. We all had a wonderful time!


  1. Michelle suggested I get a bra for my MOOBS! I think she is right.

  2. Holy honking cow!!! I can't believe that shirt fit you before. When you hold it up like that (dumpster pic) it looks enormous. What a great story Ryan. I tell you over and over so I'm sorry to repeat myself a bajillion times but it's just so amazing!!!!!!

  3. Amy, Thank you. I like to remind people that I am a regular Joe and if I can do it they can do it. Share with anyone you think might benefit from hearing my story. I think I just got to a point where I wanted to change more than I want to stay the same and stopped making lame ass excuses for why I couldn't do things. ☺ Now there isn't anything I won't try. I may fail, but so what.


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