Friday, September 17, 2010

How I lost 135 pounds - Health Fair Video

Hi all,

I work for Idaho Power Company in Boise, Idaho. They were planning on having a health fair this year that included a Biggest Loser inspired weight loss competition. I went to them and asked if could help promote the event. They were excited and I was too. I have never made a new year's resolution until this year and it was to help others reach their goals by being supportive and encouraging, just the same as the people around me did, so this was a nice opportunity for me to help inspire someone.

When they had the health fairs I got to speak for a few minutes each time. Not that I am a wonderful speaker or anything but I wanted people to see that a regular Joe can lose weight if you just stick with it and have a great attitude.


  1. This is a better link..........

  2. Ryan...I have loved watching this. THank you for sharing yourself this way...what a guy...what a story!


    aka carlykicksbutts

  3. I figured if it helped at least one person it was worth it! I am glad you like it. I saw you said you were thinking of a 5k. You should definitely do it. There is something about laying the money down for a race that will get you motivated and the environment of a race is wonderful. Keep up the good work!! Ryan

  4. Hi Ryan,
    Your video is really touch me, just to check can i start running or walking with my weight now is 200 lbs.

    Thank you


  5. I started running around 235 pounds I believe. Nothing crazy, 3-5 miles a day most days. If you haven't been active recently I would probably suggest strengthening your legs with some long walks and some leg exercises. Squats, lunges, wall sits, etc. Keep me posted on your success Jeff!!

  6. Great story Ryan! Thanks for sharing. It gives me inspiration to keep on going.

    aka FinalOne77


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