Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watchman FKT

I ran the Pulse Watchman route that they set up for a May event this morning. They weren't letting the winner from last time compete so the rest of us had a shot (He did it in like 41 minutes! CRAZY).  Anyway, Derek did it in just over 48 minutes when we went last week so I thought I would make another run at him. Came close but not quite. Good stats on the downhills. Learned that I need to work on my aerobic threshold training again because running uphill is hard work!!
I also saw this on the way up there this morning.  A stolen car, driven the the middle of nowhere, stripped and left.  I called the police to report it and then got cut off on the drive down.  I was sure they were thinking I ditched the stolen car and then was calling to report that I 'found' it.  So, I called back when I had coverage and she was sure to get my name and number!!

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