Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My new favorite running picture

Christie took this on Three Bears trail in the foothills on July 23rd.  We were out enjoying the hills and supporting Amy on first 20 mile run ever.  The best thing about this photo is that we were on mile 12, I believe, and the sun is just beginning to come over the mountain tops!

Three Bears at sunrise July 23rd


  1. awesome. it's so pretty. i read about amy's trip on dailymile and it was quite inspiring.

  2. Amy did great out there. I have done a lot of crazy things but I would have to say this was the craziest hardest 20 miler ever for a first timer! Are you friends with her on DailyMile? You should look me up out there.

  3. It was wonderful getting started so early and being able to witness another sunrise with friends. :)


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