Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lake Lowell Marathon 26.45 mi 04:12 09:30 pace

Lake Lowell Marathon DONE!! Thanks to Christie for putting on such a fun event. I think it was the most fun I have ever had at an event since I was there with my family, friends, and running buddies. It was a mini-DailyMile meet up too. It was nice to meet Amy K. and Shanda D. as well as say hi to Otto Casey D. and others. Emily B. was an life saver as a roving aid station, THANK YOU Missed meeting Mike C. (he must have kicked my butt to the finish line!)

Anyway, it was a wonderful day and my slowest marathon..which I finished with a smile on my face! I made lots of lame excuses along the way but I was just tired☺ I was the race leader for 10.5 miles through the hills. Leading the race was an awesome feeling, just me and the motorcycle cop.

Leading around mile 4

I know it doesn't mean much when the guy who passed you beats you by an hour however! I was in second place until about mile 16 I think when Dennis A. caught up to me. He suggested we draft behind the next group of people so we did. I lasted about 100 yards before they smoked me and he hung in to the end.

Goofing around for the camera at mile 15

The biggest highlight of the day was being able to cross the finish line with my wife. She did the half marathon which started an hour after ours and it worked out the we were pretty close at the end. I think I saw her way up there at about mile 22 and it took me almost 2 miles to catch her. I saw her check over her shoulder a couple of times to see where I was. She was getting reports from the other runners passing her that I was fading fast. I was hoping she was taking this as motivation to beat me to the end!! Anyway, once I caught her I told her to slow down because she was killing me! (which she didn't)

We decided to finish together which was a big thrill for both of us. My family was there taking pictures and the reception from the crowd and other runners at the finish was amazing. BTW, Michelle beat me to the finish line by a few seconds and I couldn't have been more proud.

I nominated myself for 1st place for the biggest blister, I don't know if I had any competition in this department but mine was about an inch and a half long and an inch wide. (I am retiring those shoes BTW. I ran at St. George, Boston, and Lake Lowell in them and now it's time to lay them to rest......)

The volunteers were awesome, weather was perfect, and the four hot dogs and half a bag of chips I ate at the end were just what I needed. Good times, I told Christie's husband that I can't wait til next year.

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