Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robie Creek 2010 "The Toughest Half Marathon in the Northwest"

The Idaho Statesman had a contest for a free entry into the Robie Creek Half Marathon this year and I was selected as one of the winners.  It was a wonderful way to get me motivated and excited about running.  I was already running a lot but had never entered a race.  I ran the Dry Creek Half marathon 2 weeks before as a tune up and finished in 1:50.  Then I ran 1:50.  I was very happy with my run and more happy that Michelle finished the race too.  My brother Rich was with her helping keep her motivated. 

When I submitted the essay (on the last day with about 15 minutes to spare), I attached the following picture which may have helped my cause.....

I told Michelle after this year's race that I would run with her in the 2011 race and now the Boston Marathon is the following Monday.  We might have to have a pre or post Race to Robie of our own!!


  1. This is way cool, Ryan!! Have you posted the essay anywhere? I would love to read it. And I love that pic too.

  2. Actually, I could read it after clicking on the picture. You deserve that spot for your very inspirational story. I love that you are motivating others so extensively.

  3. Thanks M, I have been very blessed and I feel like I need to repay the kindness and support everyone has given me. My sister said I should be a motivational speaker!! I actually enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the health fairs and I even got to be a guest speaker at a weight watchers group meeting once.


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