Sunday, March 20, 2016

Garrick's recap of Buffalo Run

Now that I'm coherent and have had time to digest the weekend, figured I'd say a little something.
First and foremost, thank you Ryan for asking me to share this journey with you and having the confidence in me to not fail, all while knowing I had never ran 50 miles up to that point. And thank you Michelle for showing me what crewing is all about and while out with Ryan, making sure I was getting myself taken care of and that I'd have what I needed for the next aid stations.
Going in I knew this would be a huge learning curve and I wanted to be a sponge and soak it all in. I knew I'd hurt, I knew I'd be tired, but also knew whatever I was feeling Ryan had been feeling for hours and hours longer.
I learned a ton about patience needed to make it through long miles. Learned a lot about knowing when to walk but to keep pushing on, keeping momentum going but getting the necessary rest. I learned a ton about being efficient in and out of aid stations, making sure you are getting the necessary nutrition and fluids to have the energy to push no matter how much you don't want to shove another gel, cookie, banana or whatever in your mouth. I learned a ton about having a plan, setting goals to keep you on track and making things easier on your crew because their job is hard enough as it is. The list goes on and on.
The emotions that go through a 100 miler are real, but Ryan was smiles all day and all night! It was a huge inspiration watching him pushing through, fighting yet having the time of his life. Like I told him somewhere around mile 95; "I fully expected my shoulder and back to be hurting me right now, but in all actuality they are the ONLY things that don't hurt! But my face hurts the most from this huge grin I've had, this has been an absolute blast!! Thank you for bringing me along!"

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