Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Run 4 Luv 5k

Run 4 Luv 5k was an interesting experiment for me this year.  It was fun to jump into a fast race with other people there to push me since I don't tend to push myself to run fast very often.

The first thing was I warmed up! Crazy, I know.  I ran easy around the park for about 2 miles just trying to get then engine primed.  Whenever I try to run really fast right out of the gate my HR has a spaz attack for about a mile before being able to handle the speed and oxygen exchange.  Needless to say, this had a positive effect on my performance!

The race is so short there wasn't much of note other than I saw my two oldest daughters at mile 1 and they said hi.  I gave them a weak hand wave because I couldn't spare any oxygen to talk and they said, FINE WE DIDN'T WANT TO SAY HI EITHER!  I replied with a more active hand wave so they knew I heard them but still didn't talk.

When the field fanned out I was in third from the start and the two guys ahead were so far up that I didn't have a chance to chase anyone down.  The 10k started 20 minutes before us and were using the same out and back course so when I turned at my halfway point I got in the with the 3rd place 10k runner.  I was comfortably ahead of him through mile 2.  About this time I passed Zach.  He was running which was cool since he normally walks when he does these.  I was a mile up on him and missed a high five since I was flying and we were on opposite sides of the greenbelt.

I seemed to pull along the 10k runner for a while but he wouldn't pass me so I figured I must be holding a decent pace. Then with about a quarter mile to go he passed me and we both sped way up.  After it was over I wished he had passed me sooner since he pulled me along at the end.  My goal was 20 minutes and I finished in 20:18.

It was a fun day. Afterward I headed back out on the course to sweep the half marathon.  There were three of us so I mainly picked up trash while the others pulled flags and signs.  Michelle was at the end of the half so I got to spend time with her which was fun too.

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