Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Splenda?

I had a great training week last week.  All of this mileage was running except the 10 miles on Saturday which was a bike ride from my house to Shu's Running Company for a Team Pearl iZumi meeting.  I have been trying to build lots of base miles at a pace that challenges me but doesn't leave me feeling flat and fatigued the next day. So far so good I guess.

Last week I was reading somewhere about all the toxic junk that builds up in your system that interferes with the natural processes of the liver and kidneys (among other things).  I have been trying to lose about 5 to 7 pounds forever and I am fairly confident I get enough exercise.  So that leaves my diet.  Which I would say is better than most but I definitely have room to improve.

I got to thinking about what has changed since I was losing and now.  Back in 2009 I never added sugar to stuff and never added artificial sweeteners either.  At some point I started using Splenda to sweeten things even though people tell me it is not the greatest for my system.  I did have diet soda before but not in mass quantities like I do now.  It is my one last vice, so I figured it couldn't hurt me, right?  I know it's loaded with artificial sweeteners and about 5 other 'ingredients' people can barely pronounce. 

Long story short, it has been 1 week since I had a diet pop or added artificial sweeteners.  I have also cut way back on caffeine.  My diet pop of choice was Mountain Dew which is loaded with caffeine.  I initially lost about 4 pounds which must have been water.  I have been sleeping better and my resting heart rate is down slightly.  I'll keep an eye on it and see if I make any progress!

This coming Saturday will be the 4th anniversary of the first time I ever ran marathon distance of 26.2 miles.  I am planning on running a marathon on the greenbelt, just as I did then, sort of as a reminder of where I once was in my life.  This past Saturday I figured I had better at least do a 20 miler to see I could still do it!!  The last time I ran a marathon paced 20 miler was September 11th, 2010 believe it or not.  I never could muster a full 20 miler before Boston. 

Anyway, Michelle joined me on the bike as usual which is amazing and Christie came as well.  I realize I am totally spoiled to have Michelle along for the ride on the long runs because it gives me the opportunity to train like it was a race.  She carries everything in a backpack and I take some from her every 2 miles just like a race.  My goal on Saturday is 3:30 which I think is manageable.  I am not sure I could hit my BQ pace since I haven't been doing  much running at that pace but we'll see.  I told Michelle I'll stick to the plan and re-assess at halfway and 20 miles.


  1. Good luck with your marathon this weekend. I think you are gonna do awesome.

  2. If you're out on Saturday cheer for me on the way by! We're starting a 7am and will basically be on the same route as the 20 miler :D


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