Friday, June 13, 2014

Official: Western States Endurance Run Course Preview


Hard to believe it is finally here! I have not been shy in saying this is one that I have always wanted to do. When I started trail running people talked about Western States like it was the 'Boston' of trail running. It is the oldest 100 miler and has lots of history. I feel like I have done all I can in training to make sure I am a finisher on race day. I expect to do well but never take anything for granted.

Can't believe this is the same guy that will be toeing the line in two weeks.  I am constantly amazed at how far I have come, and I am grateful for everything I have been able to accomplish.

Three Bears from Mountain Cove

This was a great mental run, but physically this is the worst I have EVER felt on a run...gut wise.  Great because this is why I train.  To figure out what works and what doesn't.

What doesn't?

  • Eating a salad with feta and italian and raviolis.  
  • I also had some peanuts which I think were the real problem since fat is hard to digest.  
  • I don't normally run in the evening so my body was in unknown territory.  
  • I have been growing a beard and mustache and when I drink my Tailwind it gets sticky and drives me nuts (it needs a serious trim or a hack job).  
  • I need to take chapstick. 
  • I need to take a bandana to control the constant river of sweat. 
  • 30 oz of water per hour on a 90 degree day is not enough.

What did work?

  • I took my UltrAspire Alpha pack and filled it to the rim with only ice before I left.  As the ice slowly melted the pack acted like a icy little radiator on my back.  At the top of the 2000-ish foot climb when the temps were the highest I had goosebumps and was shivering.  
  • I had two handhelds with 2 scoops of Tailwind filled with ice and topped with water.  The ice melted soon enough so the mix was just right.
  • Pearl iZumi Ultra Split Shorts are the best running shorts ever.  Light, airy, a zipper you can operate with one hand *easily*, and two gel pockets to put various things. Love them!

I ended up walking all the downhill because I had such a gut bomb.  I know this is crazy but it was a good thing to have.  First to realize what eating certain things at certain times does to me. Second, no gut bomb lasts forever if you recognize it and take care of it.  I was still taking fluids to aid digestion and I walked the downhill to allow some time for it to work itself out which was painful on my brain.  I had to stop occasionally and hold my hands over my head to get the twisting pain in my insides to go away.  Like all things, it slowly passed and by the end I was able to manage a shuffle.  After feeling like I was kicked in the stomach the whole way I was reminded that my 'worst day ever' pace was still well under 24 hour pace even with the walking so I can't complain.  I have never had a serious gut bomb in a race or training so it was a good opportunity to work through it.

The highlight of the run was passing bikers on the uphills. Yesterday there was a group of young riders with a coach or parent and I passed the adult and then 3 of the kids.  When I got to the last kid I heard the adult say, 'You can't let a runner beat you!'...and then I passed him! Too funny.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Who you were meant to be

I saw this yesterday and it really spoke to me.  I have considered my transformation more of a 'becoming something'.  Maybe I had it all backwards?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Over the Hill

Happy birthday to me! Today is my 40th birthday and I have to admit that I feel better than when I was 20. I am thankful for my second chance. For those struggling with making changes in their life, never give up. It is worth every ounce of energy you put into it.

I had a really nice compliment from a 9 year old yesterday.  I went to my son Zach’s Idaho history field trip last Friday and volunteered to chaperone. On Monday the teacher had all the kids write a thank you note to the adult that was with them. Several we cute and simple like, ‘Thanks for being there so I wouldn’t get lost!’  The last one was nearly a page long (which for a 4th grader is an epic essay!)  He said he loved that I let them run and play and was amazed that I could run as far as I do. The kids were curious about my running because I was wearing one of my race shirts so I told them all about it.

The best part of the letter was when he said that, Zach brags about how wonderful I am at school so it was nice to finally meet me.  Being brag worthy in my son's eyes means more to me than I can put into words. When I started getting in shape my overwhelming goal was to take care of myself so I will be here a long time for my family and to be a good example to those around me.  

I am fortunate that I had brag worthy parents when I was a kid (and still to this day).  My mom would be the school volunteer, the field trip, the one who made something special for holidays.  I would brag to my friends how wonderful it was to have MY MOM come.  When I was a kid I also wanted to be an Eagle Scout just like my dad, which I did.  I wanted to be just like him and I am thankful for his guidance and example.

Every day is a gift.  Make today a great day.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Hike

Michelle's on request for Mother's Day was to hike Polecat at sunset.  We have been out there before at sunset and it is always beautiful.  We gave the kids the option to come and they declined.  We had fun exploring on our own without constant pleas to turn back after 2 minutes.

It was wonderful to not be in a hurry and just enjoy some quiet time together.  We saw a number of deer that were out grazing without a care in the world.  I run Polecat regularly in the morning but the deer don't stick around for some reason when we come running by.  Great day!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Robie Creek 2014

The 2014 edition of the Race to Robie Creek was a fun one!  My main goal was to improve on my time from last year. My secondary goal was to run the last mile and not boob about how hard it felt.  I accomplished both goals by beating last year's time by about 12 seconds and chasing Ryan Lund and Bob Shannon all the way to the finish.

I stayed at the finish for a few minutes and caught up with some friends then took off with Stephen Henry for the over and back.  I love the run back, even though there isn't much gas left in the tank.  Seeing everyone who is still pushing to finish puts a huge smile on my face and I get to cheer for them!  There aren't very many spots for spectators so I think the runners appreciate it.

I met Michelle at the Pulse aid station at Aldape and we came down the hill together.  I was definitely ready to be done!  Great day.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Highlands Trail in the Boise Foothills

I went out last Sunday with Cory Harelson and ran the Hulls Gulch, Scotts, Corrals, Highland, Bobs loop and he snapped this amazing picture just and the sun was in the perfect spot. Love this picture.

Struggle and Strength

My friend Jenny shared this post on Facebook from Zig Ziglar's page.

This pretty much sums up how I feel looking back.  I would not be who I am today without going through the tough times and struggles to find what was hidden deep inside.  For that I am grateful.  I feel like I am a better person today and there is nothing that can get me down because I know I am capable of overcoming whatever life throws at me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Antelope Island Buffalo Run - Taper Week

I have been pondering what I might say in a race report after the Buffalo Run 100 miler on Friday.  Since I did the race last year the report will undoubtedly be a lot different.  Sometimes I like to write them as if I am sharing my experience so others can learn from my mistakes and successes and sometimes its more of a play by play.  I have always hated when ultra runners tell newbies 'We are all an experiment of one.'  Which by all accounts is true.  The useful information an answer like this provides however is absolutely nothing!  The reason I ask the question in the first place is because I want to know what YOUR 'experiment of one' looked like so I can start trying some things.  Anyway, I have approached training a bit differently this year and have been doing some things different hoping to see some different results.  Either way, I'll be back to report on MY experiment of one so I can continue to figure out what does and does not work for me.

The goal this year is to break 20 hours.  That isn't a big stretch from the 21:12 last year but still improvement nonetheless.  It is hard to quantify how much energy we wasted trying to stay warm in the crazy cold temperatures so that should give us a good bit of energy back.

During taper week I often find myself with lots on my mind, too much energy, and work seems to always get crazy.  Found these while trying to relax at lunch today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Berry - Daily Motivation - The Price of Success

I saw this today and it made me smile because I know it's true! For more motivational stuff go to

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